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    Contact a SmartByte  provider near you listed in the GET SMARTBYTE section of this website. Schedule an express appointment, fill out the order form and have a mold taken of your mouth. This takes about 20 minutes.

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    Your mold will be sent to our manufacturing facility, evaluated and used to make your custom fit SmartByte device. You will receive it in about 10 working days  with directions on how to insert and remove your SmartByte as well as instructions on caring for it and how to set up the sensor, reader and app on your Smart phone. You will be notified when it is shipped and shortly after arrival, you will receive a call from customer service to confirm receipt. Next, your SmartByte coach will contact you to determine when you would like to schedule your weekly coaching call. You will also receive a case in which to keep your SmartByte when it is not in your mouth. It is important to store and protect your SmartByte between uses to avoid damage or loss.

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    Start using your SmartByte. While the first few meals feel different, users find it is easy to get used to, much like contact lenses. You will take smaller bites, chew more and enjoy the taste and texture of your food. As you would expect, all of the research studies show that the more you use it, the faster the results, so compliance is key until your goal weight is achieved.

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    After use, rinse off your SmartByte and clean it with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste at least once a day. Make sure you keep it in the case and away from pets. Set your goal weight with your coach and upload your usage data to your phone at least once a week. Enjoy your SmartByte and stick with it until you reach your goal weight, then use it to maintain that weight.

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