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NBC Indianapolis shares Lee's SmartByte success while Dr. Chernoff explains the science behind why it works.

Dr. Cynthia Diehl explains how using SmartByte allows the body's own satiety effect to signal feeling full.

Watch Dr. Chernoff of Chernoff Cosmetic Surgeons Share The Weight Loss Benefits of SmartByte

Scientific Intake Announces Key Hires and Growth in SOUTHEAST

BOSTON - October 8, 2018: Scientific Intake, a company dedicated to developing innovative technology for weight management, announced today significant growth and support hires in the Southeast market.

Davina Frick was hired as the Regional Sales Director for the Southeast in July of 2018. Frick’s background includes sales, marketing, and practice development. Her previous experience ranges from small business ownership, management, hospital operating room representation, and consultative territory sales. Frick’s  passions of helping her clients build meaningful business and helping their patients feel better were natural compliments to Scientific Intake’s mission. Frick leads our Southeast team of practice development managers in the charge to increase public awareness of SmartByte®. “Davina is a dedicated and determined addition to the team.” said Ron Self, CEO of Scientific Intake. “ We’re excited to have her and confident on her contributions to the our future in this growing market”.

Patricia Saccardo joined Scientific Intake in October of 2018 as the North Carolina Practice Development Manager. Saccardo served our country as a Marine, and her background includes a wealth of sales experience, patient consultation, and internal practice development. She is passionate about helping fueling client success along with patient awareness and compliance of SmartByte. Davina Frick, RSM, says “Patricia is an outstanding addition to our team.” said Davina Frick RSM for Scientific Intake. “ Her energy, experience and passion to provide consultative service to our customers is a perfect combination”.

FDA Clears First “Non-Significant Risk” Medical Device for Weight Management

Atlanta--Scientific Intake, a company dedicated to developing new products for overweight and obese consumers, announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared SmartByte® for use as an aid in weight management in overweight to obese individuals. The device is indicated for individuals with a body mass index (BMI) of 27 to 35 in conjunction with behavioral modification instruction.

Scientific Intake’s patented SmartByte is the first non-significant risk medical device of its kind that FDA has cleared for weight management in the overweight and obese population.

SmartByte is designed to occupy space in the roof of the mouth. It is made for each individual based on his or her oral anatomy, and is inserted by the user during meals and snacks, or while drinking caloric drinks. It works by decreasing the capacity of the mouth. The device slows intake by limiting bite size and increasing oral processing allowing users to feel satisfied on less food.

Each SmartByte contains an embedded sensor that automatically records usage every five minutes for up to 14 months. Proprietary software calculates adherence and progress to weight goals with easy-to-understand graphic displays.

Every clinical trial conducted with SmartByte demonstrated that use of the product resulted in better weight management.

Scientific Intake CEO William Longley said: “SmartByte replaces willpower. While the product itself is intuitive and easy to use, we studied SmartByte carefully in several controlled clinical trials. The evidence is clear: it works. Being hungry all the time and not being able to eat the foods they like are often cited as reasons why people fail to achieve their goals. SmartByte is designed to help address those issues by changing how you eat, not what.”

Mr. Longley added: “We all know eating slowly is beneficial, and a large body of science confirms it, but it is hard for people to change behavior. Our device is designed to help ingrain the new behavior and our sensor accurately provides feedback on adherence and progress. With multiple published clinical studies and now FDA clearance, this product will soon be available for the intended patient population. SmartByte provides a weight management option for patients without requiring surgery or implanting devices.”

Scientific Intake’s Chief Medical Officer Donna Ryan MD FACP, past President of the Obesity Society and President of The World Obesity Federation, has been involved with Scientific Intake since her tenure at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, where the first feasibility study on SmartByte™ determined that users reduced their food intake by 23% to feel satisfied, compared to a control group without the device.

Dr. Ryan said, “SmartByte is an important new tool in our toolbox that can be widely used with confidence. At last we have an FDA-cleared device that can help people manage their weight – and clinical testing has demonstrated a very strong and favorable safety profile. In addition, patients do not need to undergo surgery or multiple endoscopic procedures to use the device, unlike approved implanted weight loss devices. SmartByte can be used with any diet the patient chooses and in any situation.”

Scientific Intake’s SmartByte is available in selected US cities from trained prescribers. See the website. If SmartByte is not yet available your area, interested consumers can submit their contact information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be notified when a trained medical provider is available in their area.

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