The SmartByteTM Weight Management System

Results You Can Trust to Live a Healthy Life


Clinically-proven safe & effective ● FDA-cleared ● Prescribed by your doctor


Proprietary Medical Technology

The small, removable, custom-molded SmartByte Device is comfortably placed on the roof of your mouth, only when you eat.

It helps you to take smaller bites & eat more slowly which gives your body time to realize that you’re feeling full so you’ll be satisfied with less food and fewer calories.1

It’s important to use SmartByte regularly. People who used SmartByte during more meals, lost more weight.

The SmartByte Device is the only FDA-cleared wearable to help you manage your weight.

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Behavioral Science

Through our Personal Coaching Program, you will be assigned to a Care Team specially selected based on your profile, lifestyle and goals. Each Care Team includes a behavior change specialist and a certified professional such as a registered dietician.

Over the course of 52 weeks, you’ll work with your Care Team to maximize the benefits of your SmartByte System and adopt new healthy habits to help you achieve your weight & health goals.

SmartByte Personal Coaching is the only behavioral modification program that leverages a medical device, app & coaching to help improve both how you eat and what you eat.

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Digital Intelligence

The Self-Monitoring App connects to a sensor in your SmartByte Device and sends usage data to the SmartByte Weight Management System. You will also receive a cellular-enabled scale that automatically captures your weight data for display within the App.

Gathering this data provides you and your coach with a comprehensive view of your results so you can track progress towards your goals in real-time – together.

The SmartByte Self-Monitoring App is the only digital platform that integrates eating behavior with weight loss results in real-time.

The SmartByte System is Unique

Clinically-Proven Safe

Wearable device with no prescription
drugs or surgical procedures

Clinically-Proven Effective

FDA-cleared based on multiple trials
& prescribed by your doctor


Personal coach to help you achieve
& maintain your goals


Only use when you eat; add diet
& exercise to fit your lifestyle

A Clinically-Proven Solution

In FDA clinical studies, people who used SmartByte lost weight2

Used as Directed
(At least 1/3 of meals)

  • 4.4% of their total body weight
  • 38.1% of their excess body weight
  • 8.8 pounds (200 pound person)

Not Used as Directed (60% of population)
Plus Those That Used as Directed

  • 1.7% of their total body weight
  • 14.6% of their excess body weight
  • 3.4 pounds (200 pound person)

In another published clinical trial, people ate 533 fewer calories per day by using SmartByte. 3

It takes 3500 calories to burn 1 pound of fat. It’s well known in medical literature that losing weight has a positive impact on improving health. 4

1 McGee, T. L., Grima, M. T., Hewson, I. D., Jones, K. M., Duke, E. B. and Dixon, J. B. (2012), First Australian Experiences With an Oral Volume Restriction Device to Change Eating Behaviors and Assist With Weight Loss. Obesity, 20: 126–133.

2 FDA, Department of Health & Human Services, SmartByte Device, Regulation Number: 21 CFR§ 876.5981, 2016.

3 Walden H., et al., A new dental approach to reducing food intake. Obesity Research 2004; 12: 1773-1780.

4 Moore, L., Weight loss in overweight adults and the long term risk of hypertension: The Framingham Study. Arch Intern Med. 2005; June 13; 165(11): 1298-303.